Industry Consulting

Over the years, every industry has experienced significant changes in processes and technology. Cybervation helps companies handle such changes by implementing unique solutions, which are cost-effective, efficient and requires minimal business interruption. Our technology-based approach to solving real-world problems have helped us create empowering solutions for a wide variety of industries, such as:

  • Manufacturing
  • Metal
  • Glass
  • Apparel and Footwear
  • Chemical
  • Oil & Gas
  • Energy
  • Food

Consulting Services

Cybervation specializes in providing high quality SAP consulting services in supply chain and financial management. Cybervation and its partners have successfully participated in many SAP implementations, roll outs, upgrades and provided managed services to multiple customers across the globe. Our past projects and range of services include:

  •   SAP Migration: Migrated seamlessly from ECC to s/4 HANA platform.

  •   SAP Implementation: Completed multiple greenfield s/4 HANA implementations in Metal, Chemical, Fashion, Aviation and Electronics Industries.

  •   SAP Rollouts: Rolled out global templates in regions.

  •   SAP Application Management: ECC and s/4 HANA SAP Application 24X7 managed services.

  •   System Integration: 3rd party integration services with SAP.

  •   Testing: SAP testing services.


Management Consulting

Our Management consultation is aimed to improve business strategy, organizational performance and operational processes. We analyze your data and derive future patterns and strategies for your business.

Management consultants provide alternate, automated and better ways of performing business processes, and our technology implementation specialists implement digital tools to maximize efficiency.

Business Process Management

Cybervation employs experienced professionals to analyze, evaluate and streamline your business processes. We use a data-centric technology approach to solve difficult operational issues. Access to meaningful data is critical to understanding and mapping the various process checkpoints, which makes it easy to recognize the issues and take steps to resolve them.


You Do The Hiring

We Make It Easy.

We have perfected the technique of locating the right candidates at the shortest turnaround time, and we would love to discuss your needs.

If you need quality candidates, you need Cybervation.


Application Management

Our Applications Management service delivers the applications to end users seamlessly and effectively. We have many years of experience in migrating complex applications with standardized tools with minimal business interruption and maximum results. Our customers engage us in ERP implementations, support, architecture, testing and packaging, remediation and distribution since we always deliver cost-effective solutions on-time and on-budget.